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Passed for more than 20 years as Viagra produced. It revolution in the sexual life of men. Medical science finished improvement works preparations with the same type activity. What drugs from the this series we can offer to you in the current realities on the website?

Today we have are available 3 officially approved drugs: sildenafil, Cialis, Levitra. All of them have similar mechanism effects: help to relax muscles, remove high blood pressure AND, as a consequence, increase receipt of blood to penis. But there is difference to the details like length activity, time to commencement, contraindications and work with other medicines.

Long-term effect can be important for men, who want to enjoy intimacy as long as possible. If you want have a relationship all weekend, Tadafil – best drug, which lasts up to one and a half days. Levitra and Viagra occupy 2nd and third places with length actions 6 and four hours respectively.

At the start time of action actually all medicines give similar characteristics. But, leader here is considered Vardenafil - through 20-30 minutes on admission pills. Cialis can take a little more minutes, its impact begins after 20-40 min receiving medicine. Viagra begins to work 40-60 minutes and requires more enhanced planning in comparison with its "tribesmen".

All of drugs have comprehensive work with foods, alcoholic beverages and other remedies, which can be used together.

must we recommend consult a physician, because he's better understands how drug can interact with your regular condition.
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